Due to the increasing gap between supply and demand of skilled railway workforce we have started an in-house training facility to develop human capital for the industry. Major elements include:

  • Courses and guidance on basic railway engineering and specialized training for all railway sectors.
  • Training ground fully equipped with teaching aids.
  • An extensive library containing technical, professional and management books to support trainees.
  • Industry experts with years of experience as mentors.

Competent manpower is the key to successful delivery of a project. In regard of this, it is important that we develop and manage the required skills for our trainees. Currently, we are associated with IRSE (UK) to provide our trainees with :

ü  Competency management

ü  Competency development

ü  Competency certification



 We are offering the following courses in the training institute.

  1. Basics of Railway Engineering
  2. Specialised Training for Signalling Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  3. Specialised Training for Electrification Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  4. Specialised Training for Track Design, Installation, Testing & Commissioning
  5. Specialised Training for System Assurance, Quality Assurance and Quality Control